The ABC's of Edisto - A Children's Book

The ABC’s of Edisto


Guess what?  There’s a new children’s picture book about Edisto!  Even better, it is available right now.  It’s called “The ABC’s of Edisto”.  It is a cute, little book for young children filled with colorful pictures and information about Edisto and life along the coast.  Full Disclosure:  I think it is a cute, little book since I am the author…so there may be a little bit of bias here. 



I am Amy aka AE Inabinet by the way.  AE Inabinet just seemed more official looking.  I was born and raised in this beautiful state of South Carolina.  Thanks to my husband who has spent his life running around Edisto, I was introduced to all the wonderful glory of Edisto over 20 years ago.  I am a girl, well slightly older, who loves Edisto and life on the coast.  Turns out, I am also a girl who loves to create. 

This love for Edisto and creating one morning spawned the idea for a children’s book about Edisto.  I was walking along the beach and it dawned on me that we really don’t have a book for the kiddos about this wonderful place.  You would think that this may have occurred to me when my son was much younger.  Nevertheless, the idea struck me, the words appeared, the pictures were found and I learned how to self publish a cute, little book about Edisto…again, bias rears its head.

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All this said, I hope you enjoy my cute, little book and that it will bring joy to all those it finds.  I am blessed to have the support of local businesses who are stocking their shelves with the book.  Here goes my shout out and thank you to them:  The Edisto Island Bookstore, Edisto Island Ace Hardware, The Edistonian, and Shore Thing Gift Shop.  Not to fear, if you are not here locally, “The ABC’s of Edisto” can be purchased from my website: 

Of course, thank you so much to Julie Gyselinck and Explore Edisto Magazine for their support and sharing the news about my cute, little book. 


Blessings and positive vibes to all,


Amy aka AE Inabinet

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