By Dr. Lin Stepp


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If you love Edisto as I do, you might enjoy reading my latest novel Claire at Edisto, the first in a new trilogy set on the South Carolina coast. The book is contemporary Southern fiction with a little romance, a touch of inspiration, and a dash of suspense to keep you guessing until the end. The story is basically about a young widow with two small girls who come to her brother-in-law’s beach home at Edisto to heal and decide what to do with the rest of her life. You can read a more complete synopsis of the book on my website at … or pick up a copy of the book at The Edisto Island Bookstore, the Barnes & Noble store in Charleston at Westwood Plaza or at Northwoods Marketplace, at Barnes & Noble in Mt Pleasant, or at McIntosh Book Shoppe in Beaufort.  I will also be at several of these bookstores for signings in August when we come down to the island … so I hope you’ll come by to meet me!


My husband J.L. and I are native Tennesseans and authors who live near the Smoky Mountains. J.L. has a thirty-year publication and sales company in east Tennessee and I taught at Tusculum College for over twenty years before becoming a full-time author. Together we write area guidebooks, a Smoky Mountains hiking guide The Afternoon Hiker, and a Tennessee parks guide Discovering Tennessee State Parks, both loaded with color illustrations. As we worked on our first guidebook in the early 2000s, I began to also write novels set in different locations around the Smoky Mountains. To date we have sixteen published books, including my twelve Smoky Mountain novels and a novella in one of Kensington Publishing’s Christmas anthologies. When I began to write fiction, I wrote the kind of rich, heart-warming novels I love to read with a keep-you-guessing story line and a strong sense of place. I’m blessed to say readers have loved my books, too, and my books have hit the New York Times, USA Today, Publishers Weekly, and Amazon bestseller lists with many titles going international.

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J.L. and I first came to Edisto with our young children in the 1980s, fell in love with the island, and have been coming back every year since like old homing pigeons. We especially love the beach at Edisto and set up our “beach camp” with umbrella and chairs most every day. We spend our vacation time at Edisto like most tourists—playing in the ocean, walking up the quiet beaches, reading quietly under the umbrella, enjoying the island’s seafood, and visiting sights in nearby Charleston or Beaufort. Last summer we enjoyed touring Botany Bay, seeing the lighthouse at Hunting Island, and discovering more about Beaufort while gathering research for my books. On every visit to Edisto we love to rent bikes for the week and to ride the island’s trails seeing the beauty of nature up close, discovering new sights and places, and often biking down to Bay Point to watch the sunset in the evening.


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With so many years of memories at Edisto, I decided to take my readers on a little vacation to the island in a new trilogy of novels so they could enjoy the beach, too. I set the first novel Claire At Edisto in 1985 when the old swing bridge still led over to the island and the next two books are set in more contemporary times, following the lives of Claire’s girls in Return to Edisto and Edisto Song—scheduled for publication in 2020 and 2021. Although a linked series, each book has its own story and its own satisfying ending so readers won’t be left hanging at the end of every novel.


I hope you will enjoy my new books set at Edisto—and perhaps read more about us and about all our books—at my website at: If you enjoy my books set at Edisto you might also love visiting the Smokies in my other novels set there—or if you plan to vacation in the Smoky Mountains, you might want to plan to pick up one of our guidebooks, loaded with color illustrations.  We so hope to meet some of you at some of our events in August.

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