Botany Bay Ecotours and Environmental Learning Center Tour

 Tour departs from the dock at the Environmental Learning Center

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Botany Bay Ecotours has unveiled a new partnership with the Edisto Beach State Park. Now offering a new two-hour tour departing from the Environmental Learning Center dock, this tour provides an in-depth look at the history, ecology, and stunning waterways around the beach and island.

Explore Edisto recently had the opportunity to join this new tour and see what it was all about. Captain Bob was our guide through Edisto and provided a fabulous, informative tour sprinkled with his delightful humor and in-depth knowledge of the islands history, ecology, and wildlife.


A retired teacher, Captain Bob is now a full-time resident of Edisto and an expert on the birds of the Lowcountry. The tour started out with a wonderful explanation of the marsh systems ability to filter and provide nutrients, our local oyster habitats, and a peek at the newest shrimp boat on Edisto Island the Sea Bounty. Captain Bob’s love of Edisto and biology is apparent in his enthusiastic presentation of each new topic along the tour. Crossing the sound he guides patrons to look for the local dolphins in their favorite fishing holes and explains their pod life, parenting and fishing skills to apt listeners. Those on the tour are encouraged to ask questions and learn as much as they can about Edisto.

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Motoring along up the creeks the discussion continues about the history of the area from the Native Americans to the modern times. The wildlife we encountered was vast and the birds were innumerable. A giant Wood Stork took flight from the marsh grass and glided in front of the boat just feet above the water, providing a detailed look at its plumage and substantial size. Following  Store Creek, we cruised by the plantations Jenkins Point and Middleton. Captain Bob presented the history of agriculture of the island from rice to cotton and the slave trade that supplied the workforce. The engineering of the Rice Trunk used to regulate water flow to and from fields was a highlight of the trip when Captain Bob was able to get close enough to a trunk currently in use for the tour get an up close look at it.

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The two-hour tour reaches further along the riverways than the typical tour offered. This trip follows along through the Ace Basin, out Big Bay Creek, up Store Creek, and back down Fishing Creek, making a full circle back to the dock at the Environmental Learning Center. The tour offers a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the Environmental Learning Center either before or after your departure. The Learning Center has a fabulous interactive museum with historical artifacts, ecological exhibits and even live animal programs. Make sure to schedule enough time to visit the Environmental Learning Center on your next trip to Edisto.

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Botany Bay Ecotours can be booked online at   more information about the Environmental Learning Center can be found here

A few more pictures from the tour

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