The Fall Of Edisto

by Julie Gyselinck


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Moon over Edisto.

It’s the days after school has just started back and right before shrimping season has begun. A few cool mornings and brisk nights start to appear, sandwiched between days of sweltering heat and humidity. It is marked by the amount of available parking at the grocery store, and the return of the daily lunch specials at McConkey’s Jungle Shack. Autumn has arrived on Edisto. It seems to bring out a change in every each person here. The suntans start to fade, the white outline of a sunglass tan line (thankfully) stops being a fashion accessory. The boats go up and the guns come out. Deer corn is stacked on the side of the road for sale, and the first bragging rights from hunters start to appear. Even those who aren’t hunting hope they get a little venison treat form a generous friend or neighbor. Suddenly you know almost everyone you see, the ocean of unfamiliar faces has dissolved and our community has appeared again. Some smiling, some grumpy, some always busy, but all of them looking forward to the quiet after the long, sweltering, summer season. The sun still warms the sand on the beach enough to keep your toes toasty, and the breeze blowing keeps the smothering heat at bay. The water seems calmer and is still warm enough for a swim on most days. The firewood is stacked and waiting for an evening cool enough to gather around a fire. Discussions and plans for future oyster roasts have begun. The dry dead leaves mingle on the ground, creating a cracking carpet of brown. This is fall on Edisto, my favorite time of year.